What idea should we have?

I got asked this question by a group of students in one of my entrepreneurship classes a few years ago. ¬†And because ideation was part of the process I was trying to teach,… Continue reading

Three Things We Don’t Teach Entrepreneurs

We do a great job teaching ideation. And founding. And finding customers. And pitching. And sources of capital. And pretty much everything you need to know up until about 10 employees. Want to… Continue reading

Anger & Clarity

Yesterday, I experienced a real-time wake-up-call of how I don’t make the best decisions when I’m angry. I’m so focused on being livid, I fail to notice that other solutions are possible. I’m… Continue reading

Crowdfunding – Where are we going with this?

As reported in Dan Primack’s email newsletter Term Sheet this morning, Indiegogo has just closed a BIG Series B: “Indiegogo, a San Francisco-based crowdfunding platform, has raised $40 million in Series B funding.Institutional… Continue reading

Crowdfunding Still Wild Wild West

As you know, I teach entrepreneurship and one of the classes I teach is Venture Funding. While we delve into the VC world, we know that that is not the path of the… Continue reading

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