Can You Really Bootstrap Your Way to Success?

Absolutely! Read on and get inspired about how to raise a profit without raising money.

I was looking for examples of bootstrapped companies to use in class and started with, which is an amazing resource for entrepreneurs. Here are a number of articles featuring advice from veteran entrepreneurs who are experts on the subject.

Greg Gianforte (Right Now Technologies)
Mark & Stacy Andrus (Stacy’s Pita Chip Co.)
Jeff Rix (DVD Empire)
Dive deeper with this curated list of bootstrapping examples and resources from

Next, I came across an article by Jason Fried, CEO and founder of 37 signals. 37 signals makes some of my favorite project management/getting things done tools and I’m a big fan. Anyway, if you go over to their site, they have a whole section on founders who are bootstrapping their companies. Here are some examples:



Discover more bootstrapped companies in 37 Signal’s series Bootstrapped, Profitable & Proud.

Later, I found a post featuring three examples over on TechCrunch.

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