The Rewards of Delegating

Whether you are the CEO of a start-up, a manager at a NASDQ powerhouse or the management team at a non-profit you clearly have too much to do. The solution people will suggest is to delegate. But to whom? And what if they don’t do it right? Or what if they don’t do it at all?

Contrary to popular belief, successful delegation is not innate and it’s not necessarily intuitive. However, it is a skill that you can learn and practice.

Below, I’ve linked to two sets of helpful articles on this subject.  All succinct and short (because the whole reason you’re interested is because you’re busy right?). The first group is focused on delegating in the career setting where the people on the other side of the task or project are paid. The second set is dedicated to delegating within a volunteer organization. The basic principles are the same but the motivations can be different.

I’ll conclude with the reminder that delegation is not just about making your life as a leader and manager easier. It is about allowing the other people in your organization to participate and contribute at a meaningful level. Do it right and you will discover that the people you delegate to are more engaged, more enthusiastic and willing to take on even more.

General Delegation 

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Delegation Within Volunteer Organizations

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