Cool Tools

One thing that’s great about my job is that I’m sort of living at the cross section of education and entrepreneurship. In seeking resources to teach entrepreneurship, I’ve stumbled across some cool tools tha: help me teach; are products of entrepreneurial companies; can help entrepreneurs etc. etc. So I’m starting this post to list those tools and hopefully I’ll make new discoveries so I can update it often.  By the way, if you know of any cool tools that live in the overlap of the entrepreneurship/education Venn Diagram, please share in the comments.
Mind Mapping

If you’ve taking my classes or worked on a start-up idea with me, you know I’m a fan of mind mapping.
Cmap Tools – this tool kit is free to download on your desktop. I discovered it while participating in the MOOC CHFE12 about the future of higher education.

Understanding Equity Dilution

I love the Illustrating Dilution simulator from Own Your Own Venture. Through the use of graphs, this simulator shows changes in the balance of equity over the course of multiple stages of investment. Sure you can play with cap tables, but this drives the point home better than anything else I’ve seen.

This is all I have time for right now. I have to work on my mind map for the MOOC. More soon.