Are You Creative?

creativityA strong case can be made for the necessity of creativity in entrepreneurship. However, we often stop with the creative innovation associated with developing the product or service. What often gets left out is the creativity required to develop the business model and to execute a plan with constrained resources. I would even venture to say that this type of creativity is far more difficult than the initial inspiration because it must be sustained above and beyond the daily in and outs of actually running the company.
While there is no question that some people are naturally more creative, it really is just a matter of aptitude and practice. Take golf for example. Tiger has tons of natural aptitude, but he still has to practice. I have shall we say somewhat less aptitude at golf. But I practice. And even though I’m never going to go pro, I’m good enough to get around the course and enjoy the game.
To have enough creativity to solve the everyday problems an entrepreneur faces, you certainly don’t have to be ready to go pro in a creative field. But if you practice, I guarantee you can up the odds of getting around the course and enjoying the game.

To that end, here are some resources that may be of use to you.

First, here are three articles on the creative process and some thoughts on sparking innovative ideas.
How to Unlock Creativity

5 Principles of Creativity
Tactics to Spark Creativity

Here’s a fun article from creative pros who talk about leadership and creativity.

Finally, from the author of Creative Intelligence, here are 4 Ways to Amplify Your Creativity.

What are your favorite ways to practice creativity?