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Crowdfunding – Where are we going with this?

As reported in Dan Primack’s email newsletter Term Sheet this morning, Indiegogo has just closed a BIG Series B: “Indiegogo, a San Francisco-based crowdfunding platform, has raised $40 million in Series B funding.Institutional… Continue reading

Crowdfunding Still Wild Wild West

As you know, I teach entrepreneurship and one of the classes I teach is Venture Funding. While we delve into the VC world, we know that that is not the path of the… Continue reading

Resources: How/Why Start-Ups Get Funded

“…..and we’re going to need to raise some money. Where should we go to find investors?” This question gets asked a lot. And unfortunately there is no one answer and there is no… Continue reading

4 Steps to Creating a “Blue Ocean” Strategy

Step 1: Outline the industry and get a good feel for it’s key attributes and the intensity of the competition. Porter’s 5 Forces model can be useful for this. Step 2: Consider the… Continue reading

Don’t Sit on Your Couch to Create Your Business Plan

If you’ve ever told someone you have an idea for a start-up, chances are you’ve heard the question, “Do you have a business plan?” And your answer should be yes. But don’t run… Continue reading

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