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What idea should we have?

I got asked this question by a group of students in one of my entrepreneurship classes a few years ago.  And because ideation was part of the process I was trying to teach,… Continue reading

Are You Creative?

A strong case can be made for the necessity of creativity in entrepreneurship. However, we often stop with the creative innovation associated with developing the product or service. What often gets left out… Continue reading

Time for Employees to Cash Out of Facebook

On Monday, October 29, the employee lock up will expire and employees will have the chance to cash out of their stock. Given that employees at start ups are often paid below market… Continue reading

Cool Tools

One thing that’s great about my job is that I’m sort of living at the cross section of education and entrepreneurship. In seeking resources to teach entrepreneurship, I’ve stumbled across some cool tools… Continue reading

Thinking About Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is a key aspect of the discovery process and determining if your idea is actually a business opportunity. Before we get to the how to, I’ve got a few “Just Because”… Continue reading

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