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Three Things We Don’t Teach Entrepreneurs

We do a great job teaching ideation. And founding. And finding customers. And pitching. And sources of capital. And pretty much everything you need to know up until about 10 employees. Want to… Continue reading

Possibility of Higher Education Cafeteria Model Creates Opportunities Du’Jour

My brain has been running on overload these last weeks as I’ve been participating in CFHE12 and edstartup101. And I think I’ve had a glimpse of a future . Not THE future. But… Continue reading

Can a University Pivot Like a Start-Up?

As institutions of higher learning we have done the research and we have the data that seems to profoundly assert that the blended F2F/online model is a better learning model.   We have quantitative… Continue reading

Journalistic Scavenger Hunts: Fun Teaching Tool | Poynter. Sent from my iPad

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