Resources: How/Why Start-Ups Get Funded

“…..and we’re going to need to raise some money. Where should we go to find investors?” This question gets asked a lot. And unfortunately there is no one answer and there is no… Continue reading

4 Steps to Creating a “Blue Ocean” Strategy

Step 1: Outline the industry and get a good feel for it’s key attributes and the intensity of the competition. Porter’s 5 Forces model can be useful for this. Step 2: Consider the… Continue reading

Are You Creative?

A strong case can be made for the necessity of creativity in entrepreneurship. However, we often stop with the creative innovation associated with developing the product or service. What often gets left out… Continue reading

Don’t Sit on Your Couch to Create Your Business Plan

If you’ve ever told someone you have an idea for a start-up, chances are you’ve heard the question, “Do you have a business plan?” And your answer should be yes. But don’t run… Continue reading

Possibility of Higher Education Cafeteria Model Creates Opportunities Du’Jour

My brain has been running on overload these last weeks as I’ve been participating in CFHE12 and edstartup101. And I think I’ve had a glimpse of a future . Not THE future. But… Continue reading

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