Infographic: Valuation – The Venture Capital Method

I created this infographic to help my undergraduate students understand the way VCs often triangulate to a pre-money valuation. This method is particularly useful for early-stage start ups where there is little quantitative… Continue reading

Creating Your Own Opportunity Filter

In other articles I’ve talked about how investors might evaluate start-up ideas. But how should you evaluate your own ideas for a start-up? If you’re like most entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs you have… Continue reading

Brainstorming and Innovation: What do they have in common?

Do you think you know how to brainstorm? Sure you do. Does it look like this? Get a bunch of people in a room with a whiteboard. Propose a problem and have everyone… Continue reading

The Rewards of Delegating

Whether you are the CEO of a start-up, a manager at a NASDQ powerhouse or the management team at a non-profit you clearly have too much to do. The solution people will suggest… Continue reading

The Concept of Risk & Return

If you choose to start your own company or take a risk within a larger company to do something innovative and new, chances are you already have an innate understanding of risk and… Continue reading

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