What’s the Difference Between Public & Private Companies?

Understanding the fundamental differences between public and private companies is one of the essential building blocks to understanding the different ways companies of all sizes raise and utilize capital. Here are some articles… Continue reading

It’s All About Phase 2

I actually do not watch SouthPark. But anyone who’s a tech geek has probably come across the following meme…..Phase 1 [insert great idea here] Phase 2 […….] Phase 3 [Profit].  Turns out, it… Continue reading

Thinking and Planning vs. Doing

For far too long, when we –as investors– were assessing entrepreneurs, we were measuring their abilities to plan. Business plan competitions. Pitch competitions. These assess the ability to come up with an idea… Continue reading

Pitch Perfect: Selling Your Ideas = Selling Trust in You

One of the things we spend a lot of time on in entrepreneurship education is presenting — often simulating pitching to investors. The skill we are trying to teach, however, is how to… Continue reading

No More Death By PowerPoint

Regardless of whether you are pitching your start-up for funding, raising money for a cause, trying to get your proposal accepted by a client, trying to get your parents to let you go… Continue reading

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