Negotiation Articles

Win-Win Negotiation from MindTools 5 Rules for Negotiating Anything from GigaOm Cultural Aspects of Disputing Overcoming Barriers to Principled Negotiation How to Sell Your Company from Tech Crunch   Advertisements

Evaluating Teams

How does a VC evaluate management teams? How does an investor evaluate a start-ups team? Venture Capital, Angels or Bootstrap? 10 Steps on Finding the Right Start Up Partner Splitting the pie. Founding… Continue reading

Time Value of Money TVM Concepts

Valuation – The Venture Capital Method

The Silicon Valley Insider’s Unspoken Rule of Thumb re: Valuation Determining Valuation Multiples EBITDA There Aren’t Too Many Exits Over $100MM

Bootstrapping Links

These articles are from How to Build a Bootstrapping Culture. Seven Easy Steps to Bootstrapping Success.

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